At Community Montessori School of Bisbee (CMS)

your child will have the opportunity to develop

critical thinking skills and a love of learning. 

Children will paint, draw, sing, dance, tell stories, develop conflict resolution skills, and practice showing compassion for each other and the community. Over their years in the class, children develop a deep understanding of quantities, numerals, addition, and subtraction; they also refine their motor skills for writing, learn to read phonetically (at first), and then master the rules of language.

The Montessori approach offers children freedom within limits and is based on “following the child” in order to meet his or her individual needs. It is a holistic education that develops the child’s understanding of social harmony (through the organization of the classroom) and spiritual harmony (through art, music, and movement.) It satisfies their sensory exploration with scientifically designed materials that enable them to teach themselves new concepts and satisfy their desire for repetition.

The children here learn through hands-on experience in an environment equipped with beautiful learning materials and positive role models. Each student’s educational program is individually customized for their learning style and interests. Through their work with the Montessori materials, children develop a foundation of concentration and logical sequencing as the basis for creative exploration.

1900 S Naco Hwy Bisbee, AZ 85603


Community Minded, Child Focused.